People's Stories

"I so very much appreciate Reanna's very correct insights and her beautiful and clear way of communicating it. She has shown she is truly a top notch Animal Communicator!  I will follow all her suggestions and I know everything will be alright!" Nancy, Boulder, CO


"My son, who lives in a group home, adopted a year old cat from the Dumbs Friend League, so we really didn’t have a lot of background information about her.  He took the cat to the group home, where he had a room in the basement. That’s where the cat was living because the cat wasn’t allowed upstairs, and my son was afraid to let the cat go outside.  After a couple of months, it was obvious that this situation wasn’t working.  The cat was urinating all over the basement, and my son was about to have to give her up. We contacted Reanna, and after communicating with the cat, she told us that although the cat really liked living with Scott, she needed to be able to go outdoors because that’s what she had been used to in her prior home.  Scott was very reluctant to let her go outside, but he did, and there was an immediate turn around.  She stopped urinating in the basement when she was inside.  During the day she was able to go outside and never strayed far from the house.  She would even take walks with my son around the neighborhood, and  she was always inside by dark.  She is obviously so much happier, and there have been no other issues.  We owe that to Reanna!!" - Anne, Littleton, CO


"When I first heard about animal communicators I was skeptical but desperate. We were having several problems with our pets that I couldn't fix no matter what I tried, so I contacted Reanna.  Our cat who,Bumble, used to be our daughter's, was peeing where he shouldn't and not eating well. We took him to the vet who said he was fine. She told me that he was afraid of eating on the kitchen table (we feed our cats there to keep the dog from eating their food) because he thought he might fall off and that he was peeing outside the litter box because he was afraid our other cat would attack while he was in there. So, we installed a cat flap into the powder room door and put Bumble's food on the floor in there. He's been eating well ever since and using the litter box!

Our dog, Daisy, was barking non-stop, while also seeming sad. The vet said she's perfectly healthy. Reanna was able to tell us that she wanted to go swimming! Apparently swimming is her favorite thing to do--something she learned as a baby. She was pining away and angry that we weren't taking her to swim. Well! We started taking her to swim several times a week and it made all the difference. She's cheerful and much quieter. We never would have guessed what the problem was if Reanna hadn't been able to communicate with our dog.

I had been skeptical about animal communication, so I can't tell you how surprised I was that Reanna really could do this. If you're having problems like we had, then I can't tell you strongly enough to call her. Reanna really changed things for the better around here and my animals are so much happier!" - Laura, CA


"My husband and I had a 16 year old dog, Marley, and an 11 year old cat, Minnow, when we decided to get a puppy, Bumblebee.  Needless to say, it caused a bit of upheaval for every member of the household.  I had a session with Reanna to figure out if there was anything to be done to ease the tension between Marley and Bumblebee, as well as to see if there was anything to be done to improve Marley's health.  

The session was incredible!  Reanna not only helped to make peace between the dogs, but she suggested all sorts of things to make everyone happier.  More runs, time at the dog park, and brain challenges for Bumblebee, as well as a special bowl to help slow down his eating, which all but eliminated the deadly farts that had previously been almost constant (I thought it was just a puppy thing!).  More isolated down-time for Marley so that she didn't feel like she was constantly under attack.  Reanna also suggested more variety in both their diets, which they're absolutely loving!  I never knew either dog would love vegetables so much.  Now, Bumblebee is more respectful of and gentle with Marley and she can sleep in peace (for the most part).  She also had been limping the morning of our session, but hasn't had that issue since (and it's been over two weeks!).  Marley's more interested in walks and seems to have more energy than before.  

And I learned how to improve Minnow's happiness just by putting a pillow under her favorite window.  Now it's her favorite spot in the house!

I was amazed at Reanna's knowledge and helpfulness.  Not to mention, she's kind, funny, and a delight to work with.  I've already recommended her to several other people!" - Theresa, Denver, CO