Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for my session with Reanna?

Please send a picture of your animal or animals, along with your main questions or issues you would like to address. Also, write down any additional questions you may have or other topics you would like to discuss. It is helpful to have all questions written down, as time tends to go by quickly during a session and it is easy to forget issues you would like to discuss.

What can I expect during my session?

When the session begins, I will ask you what questions you have and what issues you would like to address. I will then take a few moments to ask your animal for permission to communicate with them. Then, I energetically connect with your animal and see where your animal leads me, such as looking at your animal's past lives, your animal's soul purpose, the agreements between you and your animal, and many more areas. I will help come up with solutions to any concerns or issues by talking with you and communicating with your animal. Please feel free to ask any questions that come up during the reading. You can also take notes during the session, if desired. I will also perform any energy work that is needed for your animal. 

The information I will provide to you is what I have received from your animal.  The thoughts, feelings, and requests expressed are those of your pet; I am merely relaying them to you as I consider myself a "translator".  I will not provide my opinion or observations unless you specifically ask me to do so. I can provide recommendations based on the information I have received from your animal.

What issues can a session address?

Some common issues that can be addressed are emotional concerns, behavioral problems, end of life questions, and relationship concerns. I try to understand where the animal is coming from and their background to work with them and their people to create solutions that work for everyone. Often, understanding and talking about where a fear or behavior stems from, will  help to create a solution or resolve the problem. People also like to know how their animals perceive the world and how they can improve their relationship with their animal. 

My animal started urinating in an inappropriate place in our house; can you help us with this behavior?

Whenever an animal suddenly starts urinating in a place they are not suppose to, I recommend getting this check out by a vet as soon as possible. This can be a sign of a urinary tract infection or other serious condition. Once a medical condition is ruled out, we can work together to figure out why your animal is doing this and come up with solutions that work for both you and your animal.

I have more than one animal; can you communicate with all of my animals during a session?

Yes!  Every member of the household effects the dynamic of the home and each other. It can be very helpful for all animals in the household to be included in the reading. I can focus on one animal or include your other animals in the reading, depending on your preferences and the issues you would like to address.

Is an in home session more effective than a phone session?

No. In home and phone sessions are both equally effective. The quality of the reading is not compromised if it is done over the phone. I am able to connect to an animal through a picture as effectively as in person.

Are you a pet psychic?

It depends on your definition of psychic! I cannot predict the future, (at least not yet anyway! ;) However, I am able to telepathically communicate with animals and read the past and present energy of animals.